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Know the Causes of Mother Carrying Down Syndrome Babies

The cause of mothers carrying babies with Down syndrome is not yet known with certainty. However, there are several factors that are thought to increase the risk of pregnant women giving birth to children with this condition, ranging from genetic disorders, heredity, to unhealthy habits. Down syndrome is a disease that makes sufferers have learning difficulties, growth and development barriers, as well as distinctive physical forms. Some physical features possessed by Down syndrome sufferers include short neck, small head size, rather flat face, distinctive eye shape, short body, and short fingers. Some children born with this condition also suffer from congenital heart disease, hearing loss, and thyroid problems. What Causes Mother to Contain Down Syndrome Baby? Down syndrome occurs due to genetic disorders that cause DNA components to form abnormally. This causes the growth and function of organs of the fetus to be abnormal. Unfortunately, until now it has not been known exact
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Tips for Caring for Vagina After Childbirth

Normal childbirth may cause some changes or complaints in the vagina. Come, see tips on caring for the vagina after childbirth following to overcome complaints and discomfort. Women who give birth normally may complain of several conditions in the vagina, such as pain, numbness, swelling, dryness, or feeling more loose. These changes and complaints are caused by pressure on the vaginal area when the baby passes through the birth canal. Changes in the vagina and how to overcome them Here are some changes and complaints in the vagina after giving birth and things you can do to overcome them: 1. Vaginal pain Shortly after giving birth, your vagina may feel painful and swollen. To overcome this condition, you can cold compress the vaginal area. How, wrap ice cubes with a cloth, then stick to the vaginal area for 10-20 minutes. These complaints will usually disappear about 1-3 months after delivery. 2. Vagina dry Decreased levels of the hormone estrogen after childbirth can reduce

Benefits of Insulin Leaves Not Only for Diabetes Treatment

Even though it sounds strange, insulin leaves with long and wide shapes have a myriad of properties that can be utilized. One of the benefits of insulin leaf is to treat diabetes. Insulin leaf is an herbal plant originating from South America. This leaf is often dried for use in the art of Ayurvedic medicine in India, because it is believed to be able to treat diabetes. Various Benefits of Insulin Leaves Not only used for the treatment of diabetes, leaf insulin is also used as a natural treatment for kidney disorders in traditional medicine in Mexico. In addition, insulin leaves are also believed to have a number of other benefits, including: Prevent cancer According to research findings, insulin leaf extract is thought to have anticancer potential, aka able to prevent the development of cancer. Fight bacteria and fungi In addition, insulin plant extracts are thought to have antimicrobial effects to protect the body from bacterial and fungal disorders. Fighting free